Sunday, June 1, 2014

First Post!!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Kenzie. I'm eighteen years old and I have a passion for fashion, Jesus, the outdoors, my family, and I had the idea to channel all of that into a blog about my life and what I'm up to. So for my first post, I wanted to share a story about the AMAZING past few nights I have had.

On Sunday night, Jake Owen was playing in the city I live in, so naturally I had to go. Country music is my absolute favorite, and in the summer time, there is really nothing else you should even bother listening to in my opinion! Since I'm somewhat broke, I bought the cheapest possible tickets, and for less than $20 I got to see Jake Owen, Parmalee, and the Cadillac Three. I had only ever heard of the Cadillac Three one time, but I love Parmalee and of course Jake Owen. All the singers were amazing live, and I kind of have a crush on Jake Owen now. He had such a carefree attitude and a natural stage presence. He was so fun to watch and a great performer!

(My best friend, Megan, and I before the Jake Owen concert. We went out to dinner too at the restaurant she works at--and got 50% off our entire meal thanks to her employee discount!)

On Monday night, I once again donned my cowboy boots and went to a local country-themed club where Dustin Lynch was scheduled to perform. I guess I should probably mention my dream man is a smooth-talking, sweet, gentleman...and preferably a cowboy. I just have a thing for country men. And Dustin Lynch was definitely all of those things. Not to mention a fabulous singer, it was so much fun hearing him! The local club I went to brings in rising country acts about every month, and I have really enjoyed these concerts. At this point, I was really lucky and I had squeezed my way to the front row of the concert which was so cool.Now for the best one point in the evening, as country concerts often get a little rowdy about 2/3 of the way through when people are starting to get too much to drink...anyways, a man in the crowd ordered 75 drinks to be passed out to people in the crowd that were of legal age. So, Dustin Lynch and the other people on stage began taking the drinks and passing them out. Like I said, I was in the front row. Dustin Lynch had started walking towards where I was and was giving out drinks. He looked at me, and saw the X's on my hands that all underage people are given. He then proceeds to touch my arm and say, "Sorry babe, you have X's so I can't give this to you." He then hands the drink in his hand to a girl behind me. Then, for the unforgettable moment. He grabs my face with both of his hands and says, "But hey, I love your face." He smiles, and walks away. I turned around to my friends who were behind me and I start screaming. I was so star struck and in awe. Probably one of the best concerts I've ever been to!

(Here we are at the Dustin Lynch concert, my friends Keehn, Megan, Jackson and I! Not only did we get to see a great concert, but we also two-stepped. So fun!)

Anyways, its been a great couple of nights for country music in my town! Now that I'm done fangirling over country men...hope you enjoyed my first post! Stay tuned for more.


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