Monday, January 12, 2015

brought to you by...the Selfie Stick.

Yall. The other day I was sort of desperately searching every store for the Selfie Stick. I had heard about it, and my cousin got one for Christmas and I thought it sounded funny but also possibly useful. So guess what...I got one.

I just have to give a disclaimer that I gave up every possibility that I wasn't a basic white girl when I bought this thing, but honestly it is so cool and I'm so glad I bought it. I figured it would make taking pictures for my blog easier, too :) so here is my first post using my Selfie stick. hope yall enjoy.

Today I was extremely bored and I got dressed up to go to Target. I spend the days home alone since I'm still on break and my family isn't, so I get pretty bored. I also recently went to some outlet malls and scored some great deals, so I wanted to wear some of my new clothes, too.

{sweater -- H&M -- $27.99}

I first put on this sweater I recently got from H&M. Its kind of been my go to sweater recently. It sort of reminds me of something my mom would wear, but at the same time I love it so much. Its a mauve-y oatmeal color, and has a big cowl neck. I bought it a few sizes too big as well, so it fits really slouchy and comfortable. That's the key with anything I wear these days.

{jeggings -- Gap -- $60}

I paired the sweater with these hunter green jeggings I got from Gap just a few days ago at an outlet mall. My mom, sister, and I went to Oklahoma City and let me just say, I got some amazing stuff. I'm in love with these jeans and I can't wait to wear them over and over. I cuffed them and paired the outfit with my favorite suede heeled booties from Target. I got them a few years ago, but you can find similar pairs just about anywhere for under 30 bucks. Plus they click when I walk which makes wearing them even more fun.

{earrings -- Gap -- $8}

The last detail of this outfit is one of my new favorite pairs of earrings. I got these at Gap when I was in Oklahoma, and they are so fun. I love the sparkle and they have a tint of green in them, which matched my jeans perfectly. I am one of those people who are enticed by the random odds and ends displayed in the check out line, and these earrings are a perfect example of that happening. But they were 50% off so it was worth it. Also, my lipstick is in the shade "Born With It" from Maybelline. (Side note--its the perfect dupe for MAC's Angel lipstick!)

{Lastly, here's an overview of the entire outfit.}

I hope y'all enjoyed my outfit of the day, I was so excited to use my Selfie Stick. :) Have a wonderful day, and if you are interested in a Selfie Stick too, check out Wal-Mart because they are only $20 and totally awesome. Until next time...

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