Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Target Favorites

On Sunday the ever so fabulous Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection came out, and sadly, I returned home empty handed from the sale. I was surprised at how quickly it sold out, even in the small town where I go to school!

I was disappointed, so I let myself get a few things instead. I can always count on Target to have a million cute things (even if I don't end up with anything Lilly).

{my little haul}

The first thing I got is a yellow and white striped boatneck top for $12. I get made fun of because I own probably way too many striped shirts, but I just love them and I'm always drawn to stripes. This one is really adorable and just screams summer to me. (I also own it in three other colors so I promise its awesome!) Pairing them with a skirt or pair of chino shorts is the perfect casual, comfy, but still really cute outfit!

The second thing I got was a pair of sunglasses. I own a pair of aviators but I haven't been able to find them lately. So I picked up a new pair, and these ones are really cool and reflective; they look exactly like the Ray Ban ones but only cost $15.

Next I got a scarf I have been lusting over for weeks. Its a black scarf with teal and purple floral patterns. I'm not sure why, but I just really wanted it. I was also mourning the lack of Lilly so it just made sense. It was only $15 and it's super light and will be great for spring/summer.

Lastly, I found this hat that I had also been lusting over for months honestly. It was on clearance for $11 so I just had to get it. I have really been into these felt hats lately, and this one will be great because I already have a black one, so I definitely needed a brown one, right?

Have you found any great Target steals lately? And were you lucky enough to find some Lilly items at Target?


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