Sunday, May 31, 2015

look of the day: handpicked in the South

hello friends!

Today I am posting another outfit of the day, featuring this adorable t-shirt from Ashton Brye Co.! First off, let me just tell you about this shirt. Not only is it comfort colors, it has an adorable hand-sketched design on the back and I just love what the company stands for! Keep reading to see how I styled this shirt.

{an overview of my outfit}

First off, if you're a girl in college, chances are oversized comfort colors shirts are a staple in your wardrobe (they definitely are in mine!) however, today I decided to trade my Norts and Chacos for a cuter look.

{the shorts I paired with the shirt}
{also check out the super cute logo on the front of the shirt}

I decided to keep it simple and pair the shirt with these shorts from Old Navy. I think they are a cheaper alternative to J.Crew's chino shorts -- I think I got them on sale for $10! Like J.Crew, Old Navy sells them in a few different lengths, I believe mine are the 5 inch version. Unfortunately, they don't have this exact color but click here to shop the other colors!

As far as jewelry, I first put on my Michael Kors gold watch.

{Michael Kors watch I found on Amazon for much cheaper!}

I also threw on an assortment of Alex and Ani bangles as well as my pearl bracelet to match my earrings. Some of them are silver and some are gold -- I like the way the assorted metals look together. It also ties in the rings that I had on which I wear every day.

{Alex and Ani + pearl bracelet}

{necklace -- Kate Spade}

The last piece of jewelry I had on was my Kate Spade initial necklace. I didn't get a good close up shot of it, but you can shop the look here ! I love how simple but cute it is.

Lastly, I finally ordered and received my gold Jack Roger look-a-like sandals in the mail. They were only $24.99 so of course I ordered the silver pair, too! Click here to check them out!

{in love with these shoes!}

{another shot of the whole outfit}

{be sure to check out these shirts if you love them as much as me!}

I hope you enjoyed my look of the day and if you are interested in these shirts, check out ! She sells tons of different styles of shirts, tanks, as well as stickers, coozies, and more.

Have a great day!


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