Friday, May 15, 2015

~~ ootd: last day in Manhattan ~~

this morning, I officially checked out of my dorm room and after my last shift at work, I am out of Manhattan for the summer! It is such a crazy feeling. I honestly can't believe my freshman year is over! It's been one amazing year.

I had some extra time before work, so I grabbed some coffee and if you want to see what I wore, keep on reading :)

I walked around Aggieville, which is the main area in Manhattan -- it has cool coffee shops, stores, and restaurants which is what draws me in, but all the bars are located there, too. I decided to take my pictures in a little brick alleyway which is just so cute! There are tons of great photo op places around there.

{here is a shot of the alley way! it's so cute, and at night there are lights strung across!}
{here is an overview of my outfit!}
{if I look super tired, it's because I am. ha. coffee was a must this morning!}

I recently made a pretty big and exciting order to J.Crew factory when they were having a massive sale, and this outfit is pretty much the result of that. I am just in love with J.Crew, but who isn't...

First off, can we talk about the shirt I'm wearing?! I'm absolutely in LOVE. it's pinstripe with little navy anchors embroidered on it. I think I paid around $20 for it, which is a steal for J.Crew Factory. I was at an outlet store a few days after receiving the items, and they were no where near that cheap! I love a good deal.
{I love mixing prints}

With the shirt, I am wearing these green, blue, and white floral shorts, also from J.Crew Factory. They are a tad too big so I will have to take them in, but I couldn't wait to wear them so I am just rolling with it. They were less than $20 I believe, which is also a great deal. And they are super comfy, so it's all around a good purchase! I can't wait to style them in other ways because I know they will be versatile despite the wild pattern!

I'm always hesitant on accessories and honestly I was in a hurry, so the only jewelry I was wearing was my silver mongrammed necklace like usual and some pearl earrings. I think the outfit was a statement enough!

{One of my greatest investments was my monogram necklace, from an Etsy shop!}

Lastly, I have on these new sandals I just got from Target. I am so in love with them. They are tan with some jewels which I think is so cute. Definitely check out Target's sandal selection, it has been on point lately!

{So in love with these shoes *heart eye emoji*}

I also need to give some photo cred to Nate for taking these pictures, he's becoming quite a pro and he is the greatest blog assistant out there :)

{selfies are always a good thing...}

I hope you enjoyed my outfit of the day, and I can't wait for some more summer posts! I am off to Colorado for work week with my area's Young Life so I won't be able to post for awhile, but I'm sure I will be posting on Instagram so follow me there (@kenzieeallison) for updates!


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