Friday, July 22, 2016

Favorite Summer Lip Products

Hey y'all!
Yesterday I talked about fall...and today I am talking about summer again! I might be a little confused...but I am specifically talking about summer lipsticks! I have always been a firm believer in lipstick...and nothing makes me feel more put together than having a pretty shade on my lips throughout the day. I have been wanting to share some of my favs with y'all, because I am also a firm believer in drugstore products! There's few better pick me ups in my opinion than hitting up Target for a new lipstick and an iced coffee from Starbucks. I broke this post down into my favorite brands, and then my favorite shades within that. Keep reading for all my drugstore favs!

1. NYX
NYX could possibly be my favorite drugstore lip brand. My absolute favorite line is their Soft Matte Lip creams, they are to die for! I have so many of them, it was hard to narrow down my favorites. My favorites are in the colors London (nude -- so perfect for everyday wear! Its my go-to for class and work days when I don't want to look overdone), Addis Ababa, which is a super pretty hot pink color with blue undertones which I think is SO flattering, and Monte Carlo, which is a cranberry/red color. I seriously love them all! I also showed one of my favorite NYX Matte Lipsticks -- not the lip creams. The one photographed is the matte lipstick in "Pale Pink". This one is really pretty, but I find that I like it better with a gloss over because of how matte it is. I have a nude/pink gloss that I put over it and its beautiful! I always get so many compliments on that one because it is a very statement lipstick, even though it only looks to be a light bubblegum pink.

2. Maybelline. 
I also really love Maybelline for good, matte lipsticks. I wear different ones from this brand year round, but I do have a few summer shades I wanted to tell you all about! The first one pictured is a bight raspberry color (called "Mesmerizing Magenta"), which is a staple in my summer lipstick collection. This one gets worn several times a week because it is bright, but not too flashy at the same time. The perfect in between color! Next is my newest purchase, called "Touch of Spice"  and will most likely continue to be a favorite of mine into the fall and winter. It is a nude/brown color, which I never thought I would like but I do! It is neutral but still gives the look of color which I love. Lastly, I have a pale pink called "Born With It" that is really pretty on tanned skin, but also on anyone for just a touch of color. It isn't a matte one, which is usually surprising because that tends to be all that I wear!

3. Avon.
Last summer, my mom and I were in an Avon store picking up some of our favorite bath products, and we stumbled upon some of their makeup products that were really cheap, so we decided to try a few! I'm glad we did, because I found this lipstick that is probably my favorite color of all time, its that good. This one is not a labeled a matte shade, but I find that it has no shimmer or anything like that. It is called "Magenta Flash" and is definitely one of those "shocking pink" colors, but its totally me. I love how bright and fun it looks on! Not to mention it is very very matte and lasts forever. I have a few that I want to pick up for the fall season, so perhaps they will wind up in my fall favorite lip products! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and leave a comment down below if you'd be interested in seeing more of these in the seasons to come. I am definitely a lipstick fanatic, so I could go on forever! Thanks for reading, y'all and talk to you tomorrow. :)

"Oh Sovereign Lord! You made the heavens and the earth by your strong and powerful arm. Nothing is too hard for you!" Jeremiah 32:17

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