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Hey y'all!

Today I am sharing with y'all my planner(s) for the 2017 year and how I stay organized. I am going to share a few tips with y'all that I use to keep my life in order and stay on top of things. I am such a type-A, organization-freak that I live and breathe my planner. It helps me feel like I have things in order and keep it all straight. Sorry in advance that this post is so long -- I guess I'm passionate about organization ;)

First off, let's go over what I use! I have one planner for school/life and one planner that is solely dedicated for my blog. Additionally, I have a notebook that I carry with me at all times and that is meant to write down ideas or inspiration I may gather for my blog. I keep ideas running here, that way if I see something that sparks an idea, I know exactly where I can find it later. I'm such an organized person, but I am also pretty forgetful so it helps to have this space for that purpose. Apart from those things, I also love Papermate Flare felt tip pens, as well as Post-it notes. I often write to-do lists and stick them in my different planners so I know where my lists are.

My planner for school/life is one that I picked up from Target. It is by the brand Sugar Paper. I love it for many reasons. First off, its adorable, and that is something that matters. I find that when I love my planner, I am way more likely to write in it! Secondly, it gives the monthly overview for each month, as well as a weekly page that has space for each day. On the monthly overview, I write small things that I want to take note of, and generally more social-related, such as family events or basketball games for my school. On the weekly section, I will write more specific things, such as assignments, tests, coffee dates, meetings, etc. I don't like writing everything on the monthly section because it can stress me out if I am trying to think about too much. I don't need to worry about my exams in three weeks because I need to focus on what I have this week, etc.

Another reason why I love this planner is because it has built-in to do lists, to email lists, to buy lists, and space to set personal, financial, and health goals. I adore this about this planner. I love setting little goals and find such satisfaction in crossing things off my to do lists. Having this space is a great way to really figure out what needs to be done this week specifically, and then more broad/generally for the month.

My blog planner is from the Dollar Section at Target. I knew I didn't need a very serious/intense planner for this purpose, so I found this one for seriously $1 and it works perfectly. I just like knowing what posts/vlogs/etc. are going up each day, and it helps me to plan my shoots/content out when I have it. This one is just a monthly set up and I like being able to see the entire month at a glance! There is a few lines for each day where I just write about the content that will be posted for that particular day. 

I also keep a big monthly planner on my desk, mainly for reference while I'm working and because I also picked it up in the Dollar Section at Target. I like having it in my room to glance at it, just in case I need it! I keep bigger events such as date parties, basketball games, etc. listed here too.

And now for my tips on staying organized if you struggle in this department!

1. Have a space and write everything down in it. 
I know some people don't like/need physicality when it comes to their planners/to do lists. I for one do, but one of my besties uses Google calendar and she loves it for her! So, its all about figuring out what works for you. If you like your phone and the reminders going straight there, use that! If you need to write things down, maybe a physical planner is better. 

2. Color-code things.
This may be a little excessive, but I find it totally helpful. I usually put each class in a different color, work in one color, and social in another. That way you can break it down and focus on one class or meeting at a time, and not just instantly see a week booked full of things in your planner. 

3. Prioritize.
This is a great tip if you have a lot on your plate. Being able to take your to-do list or your planner full of events, breaking them down into the most important to the least important, and then sitting down to tackle the list really helps to minimize stress. I find that if I can get my biggest/most stressful to-dos out of the way first, I am way more calm and organized and I just feel better.

4.  Bring your planner everywhere you go.
I am the type to carry around a huge tote bag full of everything I could ever need (Band-aids, granola bars, gum, etc.) so its only natural that my planner also comes with me wherever I go. Getting into this habit will help you with your organization because if your planner is with you and something comes up or you need to add a meeting or assignment, you can just pull it out and jot it right down. If I don't have my planner, I am way more likely to forget to add it later on!

5. Make it pretty.
Like I mentioned earlier, I always buy a planner I think is pretty or aesthetically pleasing because I know I will use it more. This also goes along with my "color-coding" tip -- I know if I like the way my planner looks or is organized, I will enjoy it, and use it that much more. It also helps me to be organized if I can read everything well and find what I need inside!

Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope you found these tips helpful/interesting at least! I had a lot of fun doing more lifestyle-related content, so maybe I will do more in the future :) If you have any suggestions of things you would like to see, definitely leave me a comment here/on Instagram and I would love to do them!

"For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland." Isaiah 43:19

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