Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Hey y'all!

So the time has come to share another little life update post with y'all. I do these once a month or so, and I love sharing some extra things about my life, personal photos, and linking some of my favorite products/pieces I have shown on my Instagram. So, grab a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy this fun little post! I will also link my past coffee date posts below.
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This past month, I have made it to a ton of K-State Basketball games, which has been a total blast. I always go with all my best friends and we sit together and scream loud -- its so much fun. For one of the games, my grandparents were actually able to come up and spend the day/evening in Manhattan, which was so much fun! I loved getting to hang out with them. My parents even made it up last week, which was also a blast!

Two weekends ago was "Siblings Weekend" for my sorority, and all three of my little sibs came up and spent part of the weekend with me at my house! We ate at my sorority house, walked around campus, went ice skating, ate junk food, and watched a movie. It was so much fun having them in town, and they are my besties!

And some of my favorite posts from my Instagram, as well as some of my favorite pictures from the past month! I linked products featured in each photo below.

I have been really obsessed with the athleisure trend and especially these stylish takes on baseball caps. Also, this cowprint rug in my parent's living room ;)

post about camo jacket here | purse (similar) | sunglasses (similar)

We've had some warmer days lately, and I have loved getting to enjoy the weather! I love taking my dog Scout on walks or to the park!

post about this outfit here

This photo was taken after church one Sunday -- I also have a full post about this outfit!

This floor is outside a bakery by where I go to church and every week I have to stop and take a shoe pic ;) 

I also wanted to share a little bit about what I have learned in my devos lately -- I've been really inspired by what I've been reading. I did a reading plan on the YouVersion Bible App called "Listening to God". It was a great reminder for me, because I can so easily get caught up in the busy-ness of life and forget to just sit and hear what God has to say. There was so much takeaway from the devotional, but it was all about the importance of just listening to God. It was pretty powerful -- I was reminded that when we choose to listen to the truth, we are essentially rejecting God. I would never want to intentionally do that, but if we don't listen to God and His plan for us, we are doing just that. I would highly recommend checking out that devotional if you are in need of a short one to read through in a week or so. :)

I hope you all enjoyed this little (ok really long) post explaining what I have been up to lately outside of my pics/blog posts! Talk to you tomorrow!

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