Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Hey y'all!

Happy Tuesday, friends! I have been on a major shoe-kick lately... (well, let's be real...I always love shoes). But I have found some new favorites lately! I wanted to share some of them with y'all, and maybe make this a new series I do every now and then on the blog. At the end of this post, I am also sharing some of my wishlist/shoes I would love to buy soon ;)

1. Baby blue suede heels.
I love this pair -- I know they will be so fun to incorporate into my style this spring/summer. I love the beautiful, light color and I think they are actually pretty comfy. I am obsessed with suede, and I love that it is incorporated into a more spring/summer oriented pair of shoes. I don't think its just a winter textile any more! Plus, this pair is a great dupe for more expensive pairs.

2. Fuchsia flats.
This is a pair of shoes I actually picked up awhile back, but now that it is finally warmer out, I can wear them without my feet freezing to death! I am always cold...so I rarely wear flats in the winter because my feet really only stay warm in boots/booties. However, these are so cute and also really comfortable.

3. Grey suede sneakers.
I love all things sneakers, but this grey pair has been a go-to of mine lately. I love the color grey, and with the (hopeful!) onset of spring, they are a great alternative to other, darker pairs of sneakers I have. They are comfy, cute, and perfect for walking around campus as a college student. Even if you aren't in college, they are a great necessity  for running errands or casual weekend style!

4. Cognac cage sandals.
This is my newest shoe purchase, and they are going to be a must-have in my spring/summer wardrobe. I love the small heel -- to give short gals like me just a bit of added height. I love wearing them now with jeans, but they will go great with skirts and dresses in the spring/summer too!

5. Animal print loafers.
Animal print is always a favorite of mine -- and loafers are a trend to watch these days! These are an old pair, but I linked some newer styles. They are great to dress up a basic outfit, and can be worn casually or for more dressy occasions! I love finding versatility in shoes because I tend to buy so many (oops!)

Here are some of my "wishlist" shoes -- ones that I have my eye on for the spring/summer! I found some great deals and some super cute styles, maybe you'll add them to your wishlist, too ;)

Thanks for reading, and hope y'all enjoyed this post. Let me know if this is something you would like to see more of in the future, as I would definitely be down to share more shoe favorites with y'all!

"For the Lord is good. His unfailing love continues forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation." Psalms 100:5

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  1. Love all of these! I totally have a shoe-addiction so this was a dangerous post to read haha! I need #1 :)

    Lauren Lindmark