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Today I wanted to share three affordable self tanners I have tried out lately and thought you all might find them handy! I love being tan in the summer, but now that I have a job and don't want to harm my skin so badly, I don't lay by the pool very often. Thus -- self tanners to the rescue!

I chose three products that I have tried and rated them on a few key factors I find important -- price, color, smell, streaks, and application. I think these are the key areas that I look for in tanning products because no one wants to have issues with streaks or smell like self tanner all the time! I know it can be scary to try out self tanning products, so I figured I could test them out and let you all know what works and what doesn't!

1. Jergens Natural Glow Tanning Lotion (Dark)
This is probably one of the most "classic" self-tanners, if there ever was such a thing! This one is definitely my go-to for an easy tanned glow.

Price: I generally pay around $8 for a bottle, which lasts for a really long time. Definitely the cheapest in terms of the amount of product you receive for the price.

Color: This product allows for you to pick the intensity, as it builds up nicely. You can notice results after a couple times of applying it, which is great!

Smell: Personally, I hate the smell of this stuff. Some people don't mind it, but I can always notice it on me. But, I know all self tanners smell funny, so it doesn't really stop me from using it because I know it just comes with the territory.

Streaks: I haven't ever had issues with streaks because it is a lotion form. If you are just starting out, this one is almost foolproof because of the application method. It does tend to leave orange-y coloring around your hands if you don't wash them after applying -- just a heads up.

Application: like I mentioned above, since it is a lotion form, it is sooo easy to apply. I usually just use this on my legs or to extend a tan from another product/from being outside. I usually apply it before bed and then when I wake up, I have a nice glow!

Overall: would definitely recommend! It is really easy to use and affordable. Great for beginners!

2. Loreal Tanning Wipes
Price: A pack of 6 wipes is about $10. However, it usually takes about two wipes to get your entire body. Definitely not as cheap as some other options, but still cheaper than St. Tropez or getting a spray tan if you can do it effectively.  

Color: It gives a pretty instantaneous color. I just about always apply self tanners at night and then go to bed. With this one, one application gave a noticeable glow. I didn't think it was too orange or anything like that.

Smell: This one surprisingly does not have a strange odor like most self tanners do, which is great! If you are sensitive to the smell or avoid self tanning because of the smell, you might actually like this product! 

Streaks: The first time I used these, I failed miserably. I left the house and didn't realize I had giant streaks running down my legs. It was pretty embarrassing and I had no way of fixing it or covering it up. However, I think it was just more in the application that I messed up!

Application: With this one, I think if you aren't experienced it is going to be really hard to get it right. Because the tanning color is built into the wipes, you can't actually see what you are doing or where you are applying the color. There is a lot of room for error in the formulation because of this! Also, it is hard to get your back and since the color is pretty intense, if you aren't really careful you can end up with funky tan marks (like I did the first time!)

Overall: It definitely works, but I think this product is for the more experienced self-tanner or for someone who is really meticulous. I think there are easier ways to achieve the same results. Worth the money, but I like other products better!

3. St. Moriz Tanning Mousse (Dark)

Price: Definitely the most expensive of the three I am sharing with y'all today -- you also have to buy the mitt to go along with it. However, I do think you can get quite a few tans out of it, so its definitely not a bad price by any means. 

Color: Gives great color. Not orange or streaky at all. Shows up as quickly as 4-6 hours, but I usually apply it before bed. You wake up with noticeably darker color, and then I just hop in the shower and rinse off, and you're good to go! I got so many compliments on my tan, and did not notice any weird streaks or discoloration. 

Smell: definitely the least offensive of the self tanners I have tried. I hate the smell of self tanners, if we're being honest! But I love the added color, so its kind of a constant struggle for me. However, this one was great! Definitely smells a tiny bit like self tanner, but it wasn't offensive at all.

Streaks: Like I said above, the color was great-- and I didn't experience any streakiness whatsoever. I noticed a couple spots on my wrist a day or so later, but it wasn't anything noticeable or horrible. It could have also just been the result of it being my first time using it and something that I will improve on over time. 

Application: Definitely really easy to apply! I love it. The mitt is super nice because it keeps your hands from getting orange around your fingers. The foam is really nice and definitely my favorite form of application. It does dry quickly so you have to work in smaller sections, but it was really easy to apply. 

Overall: Definitely my favorite! Easy, smells pretty good, and I love the foam consistency. I think the tanning mitt wasn't the most durable, but it worked. Maybe buying a nicer mitt would be better in the long run!

4. Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer (Medium to Tan).  
This is a new product from Jergens, so I definitely wanted to try it out! If you haven't noticed by now, I love self tanners and testing different ones out. Here's what I thought!

Price: The price of this one was just about the same as the others -- it was about $8 for the bottle. Definitely not a bad price, and nothing out of the ordinary, good or bad. Pretty much what I expected for a drugstore self tanner!

Color: The color was good! It works pretty quickly, and I used it to maintain my St. Moriz tan. It adds color within a use or two, depending on your color previously. It wasn't orange or anything. I am usually a fan of Jergen's, and I think the color properties for this product were basically the same as the regular lotion. 

Smell: Smells the same as regular Jergens. Personally don't love the smell of Jergen's in general, so naturally I wasn't a fan of the smell as much, but it doesn't stop me from using the product, either. 

Streaks: No streaks! The lotion formulation pretty much eliminates the chance for streaks, in my opinion. It is pretty much the easiest way to self tan if you ask me! Perfect for beginners. 

Application: This product definitely wins in the application category. I love that you can just apply it straight out of the shower. A lot of times I end up skipping lotion because I am too lazy to dry myself off completely. The fact that you can apply this lotion while your skin is still wet is awesome! It saves time, and I did not have any color transfer to my towel or anything like that.

Overall: Definitely a fan of this one! I think I will be more likely to repurchase the Wet Skin version versus the regular lotion, simply for the ease of use and how easy it is to apply. I love it! No real complaints for me :)

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I definitely had fun testing out all the products and coming up with my reviews for each of them. If you have any other products you would like to see me review, or suggestions for more posts like this, be sure to leave me a comment here or on Instagram and I would love to do them!

Talk to you in my next post!
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