Monday, May 22, 2017


Hey y'all!

Happy Monday! Hope your day is off to a great start. Today I wanted to share a fun outfit post with y'all, but I also wanted to give y'all my tips on how to have a better Monday (or start to any day). Lately, I have become an even bigger morning person, and I truly love mornings and getting my day off to a good start. That being said, I love when my weeks go smoothly too, because it makes being a morning person that much easier! So, I want to share a few tips with y'all.

1. Plan ahead.
A lot of times, I use Sundays to get stuff done, but even if I decide for that day to be a bit more relaxed, I always like to check my planner and make sure that I know what is coming up for the week. When I'm not prepared for the week, it makes getting into a routine harder, and then things will come up that I'm not prepared for, which stresses me out. Planning ahead and taking ten minutes to get myself together for the week makes all the difference!

2. Wake up earlier.
This might seem counterproductive to not get more sleep, but I have found if I have a little extra time in the morning to do something enjoyable, whether that be read other blogs, more time to spend reading my Bible/journaling, or just sitting and drinking my coffee in peace, it makes my day run so much smoother.

3. Eat breakfast.
Part of my morning routine is making sure to leave time to eat something substantial for breakfast. Some people aren't breakfast eaters, but I usually wake up starving! I like to make eggs with fruit, or oatmeal with peanut butter to hold me over for the day. Having something bigger to start of the morning makes my day so much better! Especially when its something healthy but still satisfying. I also have to have my coffee -- personally, I think its okay to rely on a cup or two to perk you up and make you excited for the mornings! I never deprive myself of this because coffee is one thing I truly look forward to.

4. Put in positivity.
This is a huge one for me! Something I like to do is make sure to feed myself with uplifting things, and for me, that is spiritually. I like to leave time to spend with the Lord each morning, whether that be through a favorite worship playlist to listen to while I'm getting ready, or in having time to read my Bible like I said before! Maybe for you its a motivational podcast or reading positive quotes, but reminding yourself of these things each morning, and especially on Mondays, helps you to get your day started on a good note.

5. Lay out your things the night before.
I usually take forever to decide what to wear, so laying it out the night before really helps me to save time. The time that I save in laying my outfit and bag for work out beforehand allows me to focus that time more intentionally on something else!

As for the outfit I am wearing, I wanted to put together a bright and fun look because when I wear something bold and fun, I feel more confident. Wearing something you love will make your Mondays even better, in my opinion!

I paired this midi skirt (the leopard print y'all *heart eye emoji*) with a simple black tank to keep it light and airy for summer. I obviously love leopard print, that should come at no surprise! I also love turquoise, so I added my favorite turquoise statement necklace, too!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Leave a comment down below what you to to start your day off on a good note ;)

"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend." Proverbs 27:17

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