Monday, July 31, 2017


Hey y’all!

I truly cannot believe that July is already over – that means my summer is basically over as well. I am wrapping up my internship, going to a leadership conference for a club I am in for school, and then will be headed back to college for my senior year! It’s been a great month for sure. I am so sad to see it end because of how awesome it has been. I have also accumulated a list of all the things that I have been loving for the month. Keep reading to check them out!

Loreal Telescopic Mascara – y’all this mascara is a game changer! I had been pretty set on a mascara previously, but once I tried this one, I am hooked. I have really blonde/short lashes and this makes them dark and so long and separated. I love it so much, plus the packaging is pretty, too ;)

Gel Nail Kit – this has also really changed my life in terms of having my nails done often. I get so frustrated when my nail polish chips after a day of them being painted so I usually just end up picking it all off. However, once I got this gel kit, I can keep them perfectly done for sometimes up to two weeks, and the entire kit costs less than a single gel manicure so who can really beat that?!

Country Music – I always love country music, but there is something about the summer time that makes me just love it even more! Some of my favorite songs include Two Black X’s by Dylan Schneider, In Case You Didn't Know by Brett Young, and It Ain't My Fault by Brothers Osbourne!

Reading – while I have been super busy this month, I have found a few extra hours to read and I really enjoy it. I have quite an accumulated list of books I want to read, but in the meantime, I am currently reading The One in a Million Boy by Monica Wood.

Slide sandals -- I have been loooving slide on sandals lately! If you follow me on Insta, you would probably know this as I have been posting all my new fav finds as of lately! I love the pair pictured in the photo above because they are a designer dupe for under $20! 

Protein powder – I have recently (finally!) discovered a protein powder that I love. This one is a plant-based protein, which is really what I was looking for in a protein powder. I often times run in the morning, but I am never hungry after running. This is an easy way to refuel my body and build up my muscles! I also really like the flavor, which was a huge shock to me. Combined with almond milk + frozen bananas is my favorite way to eat it!

Thank you all for reading today's post! I am excited for a new month and what I have planned for August. Be sure to check back often for new and fun content!

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