Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Hey y'all!

Happy Tuesday. This week is a busy one for me, but I wanted to be sure to sit down and write out a post talking about my favorite things for the month!

I decided to format this one a little differently and first start off by sharing four of my favorite looks/posts from the month. I was really proud of some of the photos and content I shared this month and I wanted to recap those in case you missed them!

I loved a lot more of the post from the month but these are just a few of my favorites! Be sure to check them out in case you missed them ;) These posts show a lot of my fashion favorites for the month, including camo, velvet, newsboy hats, and cozy sweaters!

As for other favorites of the month, I wanted to share four other things (non-fashion) that I have been loving as well!

1. Spotify playlist -- "Upbeat Christmas". I am definitely "that" girl who listens to Christmas music sooo early. I can't help it! Christmas is truly the best time of the year...and I love the spirit, joy, and meaning behind it. So why wouldn't you want to celebrate all of that months ahead of time?! This playlist is really fun and upbeat and you should check it out...I love it for running, cleaning, and anytime I just need some energy!

2. Food favorites -- Trader Joe's, avocado toast, and coffee!!!
I love cooking and preparing yummy and healthy things to eat, so I had to share some of my food favorites for the month! I groceries from Trader Joe's that have lasted me all month and it has just been fun to try new things. Think cauliflower pizza crust, cauliflower fried rice, roasted butternut squash, jicama, and more! I have also been loving a new creation I started trying...I take my favorite light English muffins, put on a container of 100-calorie guacamole, and finish it with some of my favorite "Nothing but the bagel" seasoning from Trader Joe's. It is a healthy/simple version of avocado toast and I just love it! Lastly, I have been trying to cut out my excessive trips to Starbucks. I think I only went three times this month! I have really been into just having a warm cup of coffee at home, and I have been loving either my hazelnut creamer or peppermint mocha creamer. :)

3. Family. This month has been spent with my family a lot, and I think that should count as a favorite! I have loved getting to see them often, whether that be traveling, having them here in town, or going home for various reasons. It makes the weekends busy but totally worth it. :)

4. My planner. Like I said, I have been so busy that my planner has been my go-to. I rely on it for everything and if its not written down, I will definitely forget! Between wedding, school, and personal for-fun busy-ness, I would be lost without it!

I hope you all enjoyed this simple little post. I love getting to just write what I'm thinking about so its fun to do posts like this every now and then!

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you all have a fun Halloween! I am not a huge Halloween fan unless its for little kids...so I think Nate and I are going to drink coffee and watch a Christmas movie on the couch tonight ;) like I said, I'm such a fan of Christmas!

Talk to you in tomorrow's post!

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