Thursday, November 30, 2017


Hey y'all!

Can you even believe that November is coming to an end? I definitely can't! This month completely flew by. I thought I would end the month by sharing a few of my favorite looks from Instagram, as well as five of my favorite things from the month!


Here are some of my favorite items from the month of November!
1. camo jeans. I have been loving wearing camo jeans, and I have two different pairs that I love. The first is a grey pair, and the second is a traditional green pair. I love camo anything, but both of these pairs of jeans are comfy and great for fall/winter style!
2. Christmas music. Now that Thanksgiving is over, its socially acceptible to listen to Christmas music, I have been playing it loud and proud! Although I have definitely been listening to it since October. No shame! My favorites are Michael Buble, Upbeat Christmas Playlist, Kelly Clarkson, and Brett Eldridge! 
3. Chenille anything. Y'all if you can't tell by the multiple posts, and my photos above, I have been majorly loving the chenille trend! I love my sweaters from the material. 
4. Bakerboy/conductor hats. I have been wearing these adorable hats all over the blog lately, as seen here and here. I love this trend of hats and I think they are so fun for fall/winter!
5. Wet'n'Wild Catsuit Lipstick in Missy & Fierce. Y'all I found the perfect red lipstick -- I am going to be wearing it constantly for the holiday's!

I hope you all had an amazing month! I can't wait for what December has to offer! Stay tuned for all the fun content I have planned for the month :)

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