Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Hey y'all!

Today I wanted to share a gift guide of all the ideas I have thought of to give your mom, mother-in-law, grandma, etc. I always love shopping for fun things for my mom because she gets excited about cute things and has fun style and its just all around fun to me! It's like shopping for myself but I get to give the gifts instead :) Of course my mom would love any kind of gift but I always want to get her something cool or special!

1. Colorblock sweater. I think this sweater is sooo cute and this retailer is one of my mom's favorites. I think the colors are just so unique and I love the neutrals. 
2. Kitchen hand towels. I love buying little home pieces. The Magnolia line at Target is perfect for my mom's house, so I think she would totally love receiving these hand towels
3. Booties. I love these booties and I know my mom would like them, too! They have a small heel, but its not too high so they are still comfy and easy to wear throughout the day/at work. My mom is a teacher so she's always on her feet. These would be good for a college gal too if you like to dress up for class but still want to be able to walk around easily on campus. 
4. Adorable skirt. I'm obsessed with this skirt and I think my mom would totally love this too. I think it looks perfect for the workplace! I can see my mom wearing it with tights and riding boots. I would totally wear it too to church or out to dinner or something like that.
5. Everyday lipstick. I think a great everyday lipstick would be a wonderful present. I love long lasting lip colors, and I think your mom would appreciate not having to constantly reapply throughout the day!
6. Fuzzy robe. I am loooving this fuzzy robe...would definitely not be mad about receiving this! My mom and I are both always SO cold and we both have issues relaxing, so cozy lounge clothes that help you wind down at night are always fun to have!
7. Tortoise necklace. I am obsessed with this necklace and I think it would make a great gift! Its one of the more affordable options on this guide if you're looking to not break the bank!
8. Plaid blouse. Another great clothing option that would be cute for work or more casual settings as well. I think buying pieces like this would be great for your mom because she could wear them so many different ways. Plus, who doesn't love plaid for fall/winter?! The sleeve detailing is also so unique so its probably not like anything else that your mom has.
9. Copper plated bowl. Lastly, this bowl would be a fun piece to give your mom. I know my mom loves bowls and its always fun to have a fun piece to serve meals from. I love the copper and the unique plating detail!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and found some ideas to give your mom, mother-in-law, grandma or any other loved ones! 

In other news -- I'm sooo excited because today is my last day of finals! I am sticking around a few more days to work a few more shifts to make some money for break, but I would so much rather go to work than study all the time. I am just so pumped for Christmas, time off, hanging out with my family (and dogs) and just having more free time to blog and do what I want! 

Thanks so much for reading! Talk to you in my next post :)

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  1. I have the black booties and LOVE THEM! So precious and cute and just like you said, they’re so comfortable and perfect for walking around campus!!