Friday, December 8, 2017


Hey y'all!

Can I get a TGIF? (insert praise hands emoji)

Today I wanted to share this holiday look that is a major must for this season! I looove the midi skirt trend...and these days metallic pleated skirts are all the rage! Mine is a score because its under $23 and even fits petite gals like me which is always a struggle when you're trying to rock the midi trend.

I paired it with a velvet high neck top, which I love paired with the skirt! I love the contrast and mixing of textures. I think it looks great with the skirt. Over top, I wore my favorite leather jacket which is under $60. I finished the look off with my favorite strappy heels, but you could easily wear booties for a more casual look, too!

In the spirit of holidays, I wanted to share some of my favorite holiday traditions! I have bear with me ;)

First, my family always gets real trees. I thought this was a normal thing, but I'm realizing its not! I love real trees and I think that will be a must for me in the future. They are so much prettier, I think. There is also something magical about going to pick out your perfect tree each year and having each one be different, year after year. They also smell so good :)

We also spend Christmas out at my grandparents farm every other year. This year is a farm Christmas so I'm pumped! We have tons of traditions wrapped into our farm Christmas. Growing up, all my cousins and I would act out the nativity story...complete with costumes, (horrible/off-pitch) singing of Christmas carols, Mary with pillows stuffed up her dress, and a makeshift sheep costume. It really is something to see. We also go caroling to the "neighbors", attend Christmas Eve service in town, and we draw names for stockings and you get "roasted" for any embarrassing moments you've had that year (along with opening up the gifts inside your stocking!) Its so much fun to be on the farm for Christmas!

Another favorite tradition is making cookies and candies. Its not set in stone each year, but we always carve out time to do this with my family! One of my favorites -- my aunt Mary has this sugar cookie recipe that is just amazing. My dad always rolls out the dough and we go crazy decorating! Its so much fun.

My birthday is just a few days before Christmas too, so it is always fun to think about what I do for my birthday as part of the holidays, too. We usually go out to dinner, and often times ride the horse-drawn carriages that a shopping center hosts each Christmas season!

Those are just a few of my favorite holiday traditions. Do you have anything special that you love most about Christmas? Leave a comment down below!

Thanks for reading, and Merry early Christmas y'all!

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