Saturday, December 16, 2017


Hey y'all!

Happy Saturday! I don't often share posts on the weekends but I've just had a flurry of ideas of posts I want to write, so I just have to do weekend posts I guess!

Today I am talking about styling track pants. Y'all these have been a trend for a bit now, and to be honest, I wasn't sure what I thought about it. How can track pants be flattering and stylish?

I waited a bit to see how other people styled them. During Fashion Week, I saw a lot of people wearing them with blazers and heels as a twist on workwear fashion (obviously not work appropriate but definitely a glam/chic look). I started to see them worn more for an everyday/less glam look so I knew it was something I could try out!

I love the pants that I am wearing in these photos -- if you aren't into the track pants as a fashion statement, these are real, athletic pants that even have a matching jacket you could rock to the gym or as athleisure wear. They are so soft, comfy, and I love that they are fitted at the ankle so they are more flattering than a baggy pair of sweats. Plus, they are under $33 so super affordable.

I paired the pants with a silk cami and a fur jacket. I love the look of the glam fur with the athleisure pants. I think its a fun way to rock this trend if you were wanting to try it but didn't know how!

On an unrelated note, I also wanted to share 5 hacks for ordering at Starbucks to keep things healthier and more affordable. I am always looking for ways to save money and not splurge on ridiculously sugary drinks when I want a coffee drink. I asked on an Instagram poll last week if y'all wanted to hear about my tips, and most everyone said yes!

Tip #1: Try iced coffee. I personally am a huge iced coffee fan. I pretty much drink it year round, even when its freezing cold out. I think its smoother and easier to drink without excess sugar than hot coffee. Try adding Stevia as a sugar alternative, or soy milk (Starbucks soy milk is lightly sweetened so it will add flavor to your drink without needing excess pumps of flavoring). I also always order without the classic syrup!

Tip #2: Almond milk lattes. I like a latte every now and then, and I always order an almond milk latte. This will cut down on the calories if you are looking to do that -- and try to order without flavoring. If you need it sweetened, I like adding Stevia as a natural sugar alternative!

Tip #3: Order in a larger cup. When I order black coffee, I always order a grande in a venti cup. First, it gives you extra room to add milk or cream, and it also means you usually get more coffee for your money so there's a money saving hack for ya! You can also do this with iced coffee and in most cases I always end up with more coffee than I'm 'actually' paying for.

Tip #4: Holiday flavor hacks. When I'm really craving one of Starbucks' yummy holiday drinks (because lets be real I love PSL and peppermint mocha and sometimes ya just gotta get yourself one!) I will either do an almond milk latte with one pump of flavoring, or you can do black coffee with cream and one pump and it gives a similar taste without all the sugar!

Tip #5: Café mistro. I also like to get a café mistro. It is half coffee and half streamed milk so it gives a similar vibe of a latte! A grande almond milk caffe mistro is 50 calories so the perfect way to have a warm coffee drink without going overboard.

I hope you all enjoyed this look + my Starbucks drink hacks! Do you have any healthy alternatives when ordering at Starbucks? Leave a comment down below!

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