Thursday, July 12, 2018


Hey y'all!

Today I wanted to share another post in my #OfficeHour Series! In this post, I am going to be sharing my work bag that I have been carrying the past month to work, as well as some of my staples that I like to carry in my bag that help me get through each work day. Keep reading for all the details!

First off, my bag is one of my favorite gifts I received in awhile. Some of my family gave it to me for graduation. It is a real leather crossbody/tote bag and I just love it. It has two pockets on the outside and I think it is just beautiful! Its something I will have forever and will carry every day. Its also the perfect size to fit all the things I need to take with me to work! Here are some of my essentials:

Journal. Sometimes I feel like my mind can work faster than my body and I am always thinking of random things I want to remember to do, write down, tell someone, etc. I always keep a journal with me in every bag, and I use it to 'brain dump'. Basically I just write down random things, and then later I can go back and find the things I thought of in there. I don't like using the notes app on my phone because I don't always have my phone on me or want to be on it while I'm at work, in meetings, etc.

Lipstick, bobby pins, teasing comb, etc. I keep all the essentials for touching up my look in my work bag. My Anastasia lipstick, teasing comb, deodorant, perfume minis, etc. all get thrown into a little cosmetic pouch. I always feel more put together when my lipstick looks good, so I like to make sure I have a go-to color to reapply as needed. :)

Snacks. I'm a big snacker. I really love food and I can also get rather grumpy if I don't have something to eat when I'm hungry. But, I also really love to be healthy and I'm not one to grab a vending machine snack, and I don't like to spend excess money on snacks at the cafe in our office. So, I keep at least one healthy option on me at all times. This could be almonds, a piece of fruit, a Lara Bar, protein shake, or a string cheese. 

Headphones. I also keep my headphones in my work bag because I sometimes listen to music while I'm at my desk if I'm working alone on a longer project. It keeps me entertained and there's also a lady a few cubes over that sings out loud a lot and sometimes I just want to listen to my own music *insert laughing/crying emoji*

Wallet/keys. Obviously my wallet and keys get thrown in here while I'm at work. I don't usually bring an extra purse because that just seems unnecessary. So, the small pockets on the outside are perfect for keeping these valuables in!

Yeti. Lastly, I always bring my yeti coffee mug with me to work. This thing is a major game changer. I have talked about it a couple times in recent posts but y'all. Seriously a must-have. It keeps my coffee warm until the afternoon, and will keep cold things cold just as long. I was a major doubter before but now I couldn't live without this thing.

What are some essentials you carry in your work bag? Be sure to leave them in a comment down below in case I am missing something important! Thanks for reading y'all!

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