Monday, April 29, 2019


Hey y'all!

One of my favorite things about my blog is having posts and pictures to go back and look at. I wanted to start sharing posts about my 'month in review' if you will -- all the best memories, what i'm up to and what i've been loving! I used to always do posts about my favorite products/items...but honestly they were boring and I don't always branch out when I find things I like! So, enter this new monthly update post! It could get long so maybe grab a cup of coffee so you don't get bored ;)

Favorite Items
I'll start off with what I have been loving in terms of products -- fashion, food, fitness, etc. Basically anything and everything!

1. Perfect Bars -- my new breakfast favorite! I have been sleeping in a lot a quick on the go breakfast is perfect! I love the peanut butter ones....I have a major addiction to peanut butter. They are the most filling breakfast ever too.
2. Purple shampoo -- the best if you're a blonde. I get mine off amazon and it lasts the whole year. It helps to keep your hair on the whiter blonde vs. the yellow blonde which I like :)
3. Eyelash extensions -- I got them as a treat for fun and I have loooved having them. Makes getting ready so much easier because I can throw on a little concealer and go! Super easy!
4. Amazon dresses -- I have talked about them before but I looove these dresses I keep finding on Amazon. Shop them here, here and here! I think I will be living in these breezy boho dresses come summer time and the Texas heat.
5. My new spring hat! I love the straw look for spring + how structured and big the brim is!

Favorite Memories
1. Attending Sparrow Women's Conference with my MIL + meeting Ruth from GraceLaced!

2. Having my cousins in town to shop, eat and go to the Eric Church concert.

3. Going to my grandparents farm for Easter and seeing my fam :)

4. Going home for my mom's birthday!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and thanks so much for reading!


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