Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Hey y'all and welcome to another Style Tip Tuesday -- today I am sharing six ways to style a sweater dress! I love the look of sweater dresses for fall/winter -- not to mention they are soooo cozy and comfy and great for when its cold out. Here are some great ways to style this piece:

1. Dress + Sneaks. This is a casual way to style it but so cute! I love pairing dresses with sneakers, and you can easily do it with a sweater dress too. 

2. Dress + OTK boots + hat. This is a great way to style them if its cold out where you live. Pair over the knee boots with the dress so that you have less leg showing -- will keep you warm but still super stylish. I also paired it with my favorite hat.

3. Dress + Belt + Tights + Booties. Here's another great warm option. I layered with tights, helped to give some shape with a belt, and added booties. 

4. Dress + Riding Boots + Scarf. A classic look for fall/winter, I love throwing on a scarf for a pop of print. Pair with your favorite riding boots or these slouchy ones for a laid back look!

5. Dress + Belt + Cowboy Boots. This might be my favorite way to style them -- a belt for shape and cowboy boots for a fun, boho look!

6. Dress + Cabby Hats + Docs. Love this edgier look too! Sweater dresses are great because whatever your style is, you can incorporate the look into your wardrobe. Classic, boho, edgy -- it works for them all! Here I added Doc Martens and a cabby hat!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Thanks so much for checking it out. If you have a sweater dress too, how do you like to style them?


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