Thursday, November 14, 2019


Hey y'all, happy Thursday! Coming at you today with another #TryOnThursday post and sharing a few fun pieces I snagged recently from Shein. I love shopping at Shein and have been doing so since high school. Its definitely improved in quality and logistics since then, so if you've ever wondered how it works, don't be afraid! 

I find the best way to shop Shein is to always read reviews and when in doubt, go up one size and you should be a-ok. I buy a size small in everything and sometimes a medium in skirts if they are more fitted for reference. Everything I'm showing is a size small today and everything is also under $35 each! 

Love this velvet blazer. I saw a version of this blazer that was $200+ and I just loved the look....but like....I need to pay rent. So, enter this $35 option! Its amazing quality and so cute. It also comes with a belt you can wear around your waist if you want to style it as more of a jacket. However, I love the oversized blazer look! This would also be a great piece for the holidays, or if you want to style it for work! I think the possibilities are endless. 

I am also wearing these white/black star sneakers. Y'all have probably seen that I have the glitter version of these and wear them 24/7. I decided to grab this more neutral version, as I wear the glitter ones all the time. They are very comfy and a great every day sneaker. Plus they are a designer dupe for a fraction of the cost. I am a size 7 but ended up getting the European size that is equivalent to a 7.5 and they are definitely snug but fit okay. I think you could easily go a whole size up in these. And you'll see from this try on that they go with everything -- I am wearing them in all the other outfits too!

This pink fur coat is a dream. I love fur coats and since it gets cold in Dallas but not sub-artic temps like some areas of the US, I can usually get away with jackets like these being my 'winter coat' if you will. I think the pink is a beautiful color and I will wear this think so often I already know it! I have come to realize I am definitely a jacket girl, I love wearing jeans and a basic tee or sweater with a fun jacket. 

Surprise, another jacket! This one is definitely more of a coat. I have a light tan cropped version of this coat that I truly wear as my everyday jacket here in Dallas. I thought this brown color was a nice addition and I like that its a bit longer. And again....the star sneakers make an appearance! 

So funny story, I definitely used to have this skirt that I got at Target last fall. However....I am pretty sure I had a bag of clothes that were intended to go to the storage unit that ended up in my 'sell' pile to take to consignment. This skirt was missing and it was one of my favorites for fall/ I got this version which was actually cheaper than the original! This one was $18, which is a steal if you ask me! I also have on a cute headband I got from Shein, which is another great hack. Shein has great hair accessories and fun jewelry if you like statement pieces for $2-5. This headband was $3 no joke! I love that hair accessories are a big trend because you can spruce up your favorite neutral sweater with a fun pop like a headband or barrettes. 

Y'all this right here is going to be my birthday kimono. I usually don't go overboard for my birthday necessarily but when I saw this, I knew I had to have it for my bday. I'm not a huge NYE person so I pretty much end up in my PJ's on the couch on New Years....and I'm usually asleep before midnight. So since my birthday is just a few weeks before, why not?! You can probably catch me in my hometown eating mexican food in this get up....just wait ;)

The last clothing piece is this cardigan, which is a fun stripe print. I think this is a great way to spruce up your wardrobe if its feeling too drab and boring with all then neutrals. Usually when I shop at Shein, for every 5 or so pieces I buy, there might be a dud. I won't say this one is a dud, because I'm still keeping it and will wear it. In fact, I think it will be great for spring/transitional weather. Just know that its not super chunky and you'll likely want a longsleeve tee underneath for warmth if its cold where you live because its not a super heavy weight cardi. 

Here are a few more headbands I got -- this 'puffy' one which is a free people dupe for $2. Also a braided one for $3. These are a big trend and such a great price! I also got this green croco mini bag -- which are also a big trend for fall. Some of the mini bags get so mini that you can't fit anything in them...but this one is a decent size and could fit phone/wallet/keys/lipstick etc. Lastly, I got this super cute snake belt bag that I can't wait to wear! I love all things snake print and the belt bag trend is still around this season.

Thanks for checking out the post -- hope y'all enjoyed it! Have a great Thursday.


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