Monday, February 3, 2020


Hey y'all -- happy Monday!

For today's post, I wanted to share some of my current favorites from the month of January. It was definitely a great month, but also seems like it went on forever but it also seems like everyone else felt that way too. 

Some of my highlights:
-started a new job! it's been great so far
-saw George Strait in concert with my family! It was so great
-joined a small group at church -- and we love it. I feel like we are starting to finally have roots in Dallas after a year....and I've been waiting for that!
-Tried cooking more! 

Now for my favorite products/items of the month:

1. Free People Sweater (pictured above). This is my go-to sweater -- so comfy and love the oversized fit. I got rid of so many of my sweaters because I have decided I just need this one & I'll be set forever!

2. Electric toothbrush. Did I mention before I got an electric toothbrush? I feel like I did....but either way, it's still a game-changer! I love it so much. Plus its pink ;)

3. Books! Been trying to read a lot more. I am also someone who reads multiple books at a time -- it all depends on what I am in the mood for. My current favorites are 'Get Out of Your Head' by Jennie Allen and 'The Road Back to You' by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile. 

4. This sweatshirt jumpsuit. I am having a major moment with matching loungwear of course I love a jumpsuit for lounging around in! Its the prettiest color and the best warm material but also has a fun cutout in the back. Plus its under $30.

5. Native Deodorant. I have mentioned it on here, but I have been making some more natural decisions and I recently ran out of my deodorant, so I have started trying Native deodorants. I love it so far -- and I had heard that you have to 'detox' from regular deodorants, so I wanted to do that before summer and it gets insanely hot here in Texas. So far I'm loving it -- and they smell sooo good!

6. Podcasts. I have been trying to listen to more podcasts as I have been running more. One of my favorites is That's What We Said -- it is hosted by one of my favorite content creators, Jaci Marie Smith and her best friend, Chelsea. They are super interesting and always have a fun podcast to listen to. 

7. OV Exercise Dress. I found mine on Poshmark, but I love this exercise dress. I will say, its definitely not for running or doing intense working out in, but for walks or just weekend wear, its the perfect piece if you want to feel sporty chic ;)

8. Checkered platform Vans. I am a big sneaker gal and I have had my eye on a new pair of Vans...then I discovered the iconic checkered Vans came in a platform sneaker as well! I am a sucker for a good platform sneaker -- they give you height but are still insanely comfortable.  

Thanks so much for checking out the post -- talk to you in my next one!


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