Wednesday, June 10, 2020


 Hey, y'all - long time no talk!

Life has been so different lately - between changing jobs in January, being busy getting adjusted to working from home full time, and then having a global pandemic and such racial tension throughout our country....blogging took a bit of a back burner as of lately. I thought I would kick of *hopefully* be back to more regular posts. I had originally planned to share this post last week, but with everything happening, it just didn't feel right. 

Here are a few 'updates' from the past few months - what I've been up to, some highlights and big changes!

1. One of my biggest quarantine hobbies - baking. I made pies, bread, and loved trying new recipes. This dutch oven recipe, this sandwich bread recipe, and this apple pie recipe were my favorites - subbing out my grandma's homemade pie crust recipe of course!

2. I grew a mini garden in some old coffee cans on our front 'porch'! It was so much fun ordering the seeds, planting them, and then waiting forever to see if anything would happen. I did have a few that never came up, and then a couple that sadly got scorched by the Texas heat already, but I am happy that I had some success. I've also welcomed a fiddle leaf fig (notoriously difficult plants) and so far haven't killed it off yet either. Proud plant mom over here!

3. I also made some pickled onions which were really fun and yummy. I read a few recipes and then kinda made up my own, but they turned out pretty well!

4. We got a Peloton bike - which made for a really fun new workout routine. It was hard to stay focused but I'm glad I tried to workout where I could, it really helped to stay sane and burn off steam during this weird time!

5. Our new favorite game that we've been playing a lot is Ticket to Ride. My mom got it for us at the start of quarantine, and it's such a blast. 

6. We bought a house!!! I can't believe I'm finally saying that - its been a long time coming for sure. It was kind of a dramatic process but we are so happy to finally be done - and we plan to stay as long as possible so we don't have to go through that again ;) We started packing this week and it is a process let me tell you!

7. Something I have found to be both enjoyable and therapeutic is doodling on my iPad. Its been collecting dust lately, but I pulled it out and have loved sharing my doodles on Instagram too!

8. I've been on a cleaning and purging spree even more (see #6) and it has felt so great. I did a major closet cleanout at the start of quarantine and I've moved on to the rest of our house. Nate has always wanted us to be more minimal - so we are taking steps to have less 'stuff' and its honestly a lovely feeling :) 

9. I don't know if its because of quarantine, but I'm still kind of in shock that it is summer already. I don't know where the year has's been a wild one but time still seems to be moving fast. 

10. I've really used this time to think about what I wanted to share on my platform and what I really stood for. Lately, I've been realizing that a lot of the things I have been passionate about in the past I am less excited about - things like being on top of the latest fashion trend, buying lots of new clothes all the time, etc. and I've really taken an interest in a 'less is more' and a more sustainable, ethical and natural approach to both what I buy, and consume. I've taken an interest in clean products throughout my home - from cleaning to makeup to the shampoo and conditioner I use. I learned a lot in school about sustainable fashion - and I've been reflecting a lot on the knowledge I have and how I want to continue to make better choices when it comes to where I spend my money and the items I bring into my home! I hope you all are interested in learning with me - because I want to share this journey on my blog, too!

I hope you all enjoyed this little life update! I am excited to share some more blog posts coming soon - so stay tuned for those.

-- Kenzie

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