Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fabulous find!!

I recently made a discovery that I am super excited about so of course I wanted to share it. I had been wanting Hunter rain boots for quite awhile but they are SO expensive that I just kept on telling myself I didn't need them. Its hard to justify spending that much money on a pair of boots!! But after doing some research, I found that there is actually an overlap in the sizing for kids and adults boots. I read this on a website, and then I checked to compare the European sizing of the adult size 7 (the size I would need) to the children's European sizing. Come to find out, a kids size 6 is equivalent to a women's size 7! After I found this out, I decided I would for sure order a pair of boots. There are also several colors of kids boots that are on final sale, meaning they are marked down to $53! So I found a pair that are the perfect color of the school I'm going to in the fall. Since I was away at camp, I had to wait to get them, but I tore open the box as soon as I got home because I was so excited. I have to say I am completely in love with them. I have not gotten to wear them out much yet, but I know I will get a ton of use out of them. The kids sizing actually fit me better as well. They do not come up as high on my calf like the adult ones do since I am a bit on the shorter side. Additionally, they are more snug around my calf which is great because the adult version typically is rather large around people's calves, and I noticed on my friends who own Hunters that when they walk because they are so loose around the calf the boot hitting the front and back of their calf makes a really obnoxious noise. (Not that it really makes that much of a difference, but its just something I noticed.) Granted, the bright purple are definitely going to be harder to style and go with less, but I still love them. I definitely want to do a post on how I style my boots when it gets a little cooler! Stay tuned for more. Xoxo, Kenzie (P.S. I am currently blogging from my phone and unable to post photos directly from here, but I will definitely be posting some outfits of the day featuring my boots soon!)

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