Thursday, February 19, 2015

blanket scarves though...

I’m seriously behind trend on this one, but can we talk about how awesome blanket scarves are?!

The other day it was snowing like crazy here in MHK, and naturally I had to walk to work which also means I have to dress up, too. I’ve literally had this scarf for months and never wore it, but once I did I realized what I was missing out on!

My scarf is from Fortuity, a store we have here in Manhattan but I know there are a few other locations as well. It is green, red, and cream plaid with hounds tooth on the other side. I love the way the two patterns look together! I remember looking at a few blanket scarves that I was in love with in the beginning of the fall/winter season from J.Crew but they were definitely not in my budget! I think this one is a cute (and cheaper!) alternative.

I didn’t take a full picture of my outfit but I paired my scarf with a piko tunic – another one of my favorites for the winter. Paired with leggings and my trusty bean boots, it makes for a cozy but still presentable look for the winter. I am all about staying warm and comfortable!
I think I'm definitely going to have to invest in some more blanket scarves! I have found some really cute plaid ones on Etsy and tons of great ideas on how to style them on Pinterest.

It’s been snowing off and on for days here, and I would really love for it to stop! What are your favorite accessories to keep warm?



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