Sunday, March 29, 2015

what a weekend....

I have to say, last week was an awful week. My car got hit coming back into town after spring break, I had two tests that required me to give up everything to study, and after that I was just exhausted. However, I think I had the most amazing weekend I've had in a really long while.

I consider weekends to basically start Thursday night because I get so excited for the weekend and barely have class on Fridays. Probably not the best mentality but oh well...

So it started on Thursday afternoon, I somewhat spur-of-the-momently (if that's even how you say it?) chopped all of my hair off. I think close to eight inches. I am in love with my new hair though! It's so much easier to take care of.

{sorry for the Selfie!!!!!!!}

Then on Thursday afternoon/evening I hung out with my friend Ellie. We ran errands, got sonic drinks, went to Manhattan Hill, and worked out. It was a very packed few hours but hanging out with her is always a joy.

{there were a bunch of guys watching us take this Selfie but if you do something fun and don't take pictures it didn't actually happen, did it?!}
Friday was an awesome night as well! I went to my boyfriend's fraternity philanthropy with a couple other girls in Pi Phi that have boyfriends in Delta Chi too. It is so funny how we became friends but I love it! That night, the six of us (Sydney, Emily, me, and our boyfriends) all hung out too.

{Emily, Sydney and I at the fish fry philanthropy.}

On Saturday, we had a whole bunch of Pi Phi activities because it was our centennial celebration. In the morning, I gave alumni house tours which was really cool to hear about life in the house years ago. Then, we had our Founder's Day lunch. I got to meet one of my mom's friends and roommates from college, Holly.

{My mom's friend from college, Holly. So cool that I get to say she's my sister. The Founder's Day lunch was so fun.}

{some of my sisters at the lunch.}

 Then at night, we had a fancy dinner, speaker, and a dance. It was so incredible to be in the room with 600 other Pi Phi's and their dates for the evening. Also so cool to be a part of a celebration that literally won't happen again for another 100 years. I feel so honored to be in the 100th pledge class here at k-state!

{my friend Carolina at the dance. I think this picture hardly needs explanation and is the best picture to describe our friendship.}

Lastly, the weekend ended Sunday night with another all around amazing night. I am a part of YoungLife and specifically the college team here at K-state. We finished the training for new leaders tonight and celebrated by announcing what team they were placed on and it was just filled with excitement and fun.

One of the best friends I've made while being here at K-state is with Michelle. And guess what?! SHE'S ON THE COLLEGE TEAM WITH ME. When her name was called (also keep in mind where the new leaders were getting placed was a secret to the current leaders too) I honestly screamed. I am so excited to see how she impacts our campus and to do life with her all the time. My heart is so happy. I know Michelle is going to be one of those forever friends.

{Michelle and I at our YoungLife college celebratory bonfire ~ throwing what we know. So thankful for YoungLife and the amazing friendships that I have created through it. Not to mention that Jesus is super cool too.}
So grateful for an amazing weekend that is going to send me into the week feeling energized and excited. Can't wait for another week of adventures.

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