Friday, May 13, 2016

Lessons Learned -- First Year of Blogging

Hey y'all!

So if you didn't see my last post (yesterday) -- it was an outfit post, but not just any outfit post! I was celebrating the "anniversary" of blogging here at Klassically, Kenzie! Blogging was always something I was interested in, and I was obsessed with fashion bloggers for a long time before I ever thought of making my own. Then one day, I just decided that I should go for it. It has become one of my biggest passions, and I absolutely love doing it! So, I wanted to share a few tips/tricks/lessons I have learned over the past year -- and a bit of self reflection to look back on in the future!

Work hard.
Blogging is not something that is easy, and success is definitely not something that happens over night. If you want the results, you have to be willing to put in the effort. I can't even begin to describe how many hours I have spent slaving over this place, watching endless YouTube videos on how to code, editing photos, drafting posts, planning, etc. You can always spend more time working on your blog, which to me is addicting. But, I know that with hard work comes results. You have to be willing to put in the time!

Be patient.
I have to say, patience is something that I often struggle with. I tend to want things to just happen, which is rarely the case ever -- let alone for blogging. After a year, I have grown so much and I can only imagine what patience over the next few years can produce. I know that hard work combined with patience will create big results, and I can't wait to watch them happen!

Dream big.
When I started my blog, I had a vision for the kind of girl I wanted to reach with my content. Someone who loves fashion, being the best version of themselves, someone who loves the Lord, and a girl who shares my love for bargain shopping. I had this dream of sharing with girls the importance of style, but not materialism -- because I felt like that type of girl was underrepresented in the blogging population. Of course I love my name brands, but I also can't afford to have every single designer trend and I know tons of college/young adult women feel the same way. I knew where I wanted to take my blog, and of course I had big ambitions for this site. Know where you want to go, set big goals, and work hard to achieve them, because anything is possible that you put your mind to (cliche but you know its true!)

Don't compare.
This is advice every blogger will give you, and unfortunately its the hardest piece of advice to listen to. One of my favorite quotes is "comparison is the thief of joy" -- which is so true. The second you just focus on yourself, your blog, your life, etc. the happier you will be. Growth/gaining a following happens at different rates for everyone, and just because it seems like someone is growing faster than you doesn't mean that you are "worse" than them. It probably just means they have spent more time working hard! Just focus on you!!

Be ready to learn.
I have learned so much over the course of the year or so that I've been blogging, and I find myself searching for ways to learn more everyday. There is a never ending supply of information out there, and you should always strive to learn more. You can never know too much -- this goes for blogging, but also life in general! Learn something new everyday!

Thanks for reading, y'all! Here's to another year at Klassically, Kenzie!


  1. I'm almost at my one year with my blog! I'm happy everything is going great I needed to hear all of this! Can't wait for more posts ��

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, and glad I could be an encouragement. Good luck with your blog! :)

      - Kenzie