Friday, October 7, 2016

How to Dress Business Casual in College

hey y'all!

so sometimes I feel like college can be a hard transition time between kind of being an adult, but also not entirely. One of these times I feel lost in the in between is when I have to "dress up" or dress business casual for classes or a guest speaker. I'm not a professional yet, and sometimes I just don't know how to dress for these occasions and still look cute! So I wanted to share with y'all how I dress business casual for class, guest speakers, networking events, etc.

The easiest thing for me is to start with a fun piece. For this look, my fun piece is these crepe pants from American Apparel! I am in love with them, even though they are a bit out there! I wouldn't recommend wearing something this "statement" worthy to an interview, but for guest speakers in class these are perfect because you can still showcase your style without feeling like your outfit is boring. I then tuck in a more simple shirt or second clothing piece so that I don't look too crazy/out there. I love gingham, polka dots, or even just a solid white button up. The one I am wearing helps to tone down the dressiness as well, since it is short sleeved. I finish off the look with a comfortable pair of shoes like these suede, Cynthia Rowley oxfords that I am obsessed with right now! They are so comfy, and give the most polished and put together vibe. 

Do you have any tips for dressing professionally in college? Leave them in a comment down below!

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  1. This outfit is so cute and so different! I love it :)

    Itunu x
    A Modern Flower Child