Thursday, October 6, 2016

Collab: Where to Find Affordable Fashion

Hey y’all!

As a college gal who is obsessed with fashion, it can be hard to make the two go hand-in-hand. With styles and brands constantly changing and going in and out again, keeping up without breaking the bank can seem like an impossible task. Today I am going to give an overview of some of the best places to shop affordable fashion/lifestyle goods. I am highlighting several of my favorite “off-price” retailers, as well as a few others that are great as well. If you aren’t a fashion major like me, you probably know what an off-price retailer is because you already shop there – just don’t know it by definition. An off-price retailer is one that sells goods at lower costs, usually by obtaining off-season items, typically with an inconsistent assortment or selection. Basically, brand names at a lower cost, which is all you need to know!

Sally is the sweetest gal around and has great college and lifestyle posts! Be sure to check out her blog here!e
This post is also a collab with my blogger friend Sally, of Sweetly Sally ( . She is doing a post on how to shop specifically for the best deals at these affordable retailers, so you should definitely go check her out. She's awesome, and has the sweetest heart. Y'all would love her! Without further ado, here are my top picks for affordable shopping!

I couldn’t do a post on affordable shopping without mentioning Target. By now, I am sure that y’all have noticed I have a slight major addiction to Target. Y’all, it’s bad. I go at least once a week and nothing cheers me up like a little Target run. There are always great deals, sales, and bargains to be had, and I think Target does really well in highlighting the current trends, from home to clothing to knick knacks.
Pros: the Dollar Section, the Cartwheel app for additional savings, affordable and really fashion-forward clothing and shoes.

I didn’t fall in love with Marshall’s until I got to college and was a five minute drive from a pretty fabulous Marshall’s. And now I’m hooked! There is really great deals and prices to be had there. I love Marshall’s because you can often find pricier brands for a much lower cost. For example, the last time I was there, I found Madewell, Free People, Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, and Vince Camuto, just to name a few brands! All of the items are random, and not always in every size, but if you’re willing to look and sometimes come up empty handed, you can scour some amazing finds.
Pros: designer brands, great prices, fun home items such as kitchen gadgets and décor items for low prices.

If you didn’t know, TJMaxx, Marshall’s, and Homegoods are all owned by the same company. From my experience, Marshall’s definitely has a better clothing selection. However, TJMaxx has some other great features. For example, I think they have a wider selection of shoes, and their home décor section is pretty good as well. I think they also beat out Marshall’s for a great jewelry section, as they usually have designer jewelry. They also have just as affordable prices on clothing or better than Marshall’s, although they usually carry fewer designer brands and have less of a “juniors” department that I have noticed.
Pros: expansive jewelry selection, online shopping capabilities, and good home décor and women section.

Nordstrom Rack.
I am a huge Nordstrom’s lover, but sometimes their prices can be less budget-friendly. However, Nordstrom Rack is a lifesaver! They also have designer and Nordstrom brands for less. The styles are typically last season’s styles that didn’t sell out, but usually I find that last season’s styles are still great and totally on trend still. I also love Nordstrom Rack because you can shop them online and find the great deals, if you’re like me and the nearest Rack is 2 hours away.
Pros: Nordstrom at lower prices (!!!), designer brands, usually large selection of goods.

So there you have it, friends! These are some of my favorite places to get fashionable pieces and home décor at more affordable prices. Of course, I am also one to stalk my favorite sites/stores to watch for sales to happen, too! Do you have any tips for staying up to date with fashion trends without breaking the bank? Leave them in the comments down below! And don’t forget to check out Sally’s post here!


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