Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Hey y'all!
Happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to share another post in my #FashionTips series where I give y'all tips on how to wear/incorporate a trend or style into your wardrobe. Today I wanted to talk about achieving the perfect knotted tee look. I love this because you can take a simple tee, especially an oversized one, and add a simple tie in the front. It adds the perfect statement touch and makes a basic look cuter and more flattering. Here are the steps I take to achieve this look:
1. Grab the excess fabric of your tee. I usually tie mine to the side, so I grab the fabric on the side, but you could totally do a front tie, too!
2. Hold the tee/excess fabric near your body, and make a long, tube like shape with the fabric.
3. Wrap the fabric around itself/your finger and tie a knot!
4. Pull the knot out a bit to loosen the tee against your body and adjust as you see fit!

There y'all have it. This is such a simple way to spice up an outfit. As you can see, the look I am wearing is pretty simple, but the tie in my tee makes it cuter and much more flattering!

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