Friday, August 3, 2018


Hey y'all!

Today I wanted to share a '13 Things' post where I just ramble on about 13 things that are on my mind, whether they are fashion, lifestyle or personal related! I love reading posts like fav blogger Amber Fillerup often does these and I love hearing what she has to say so I thought I would give them a shot. 

1. I made Pioneer Woman enchiladas a few weeks ago. My husband is a big enchilada guy and said they were his favorite ever...always makes a wife feel good! Check out that recipe here. They are called 'simple enchiladas' and while I might not particularly agree with that...they were a big hit!

2. Been burning candles more and more lately. I have been burning one from Bath and Body Works last fall and its called something related to campfire marshmallows. It smells so good and reminds me of fall! I think fall is my favorite season so its the happiest smell. It also smells like I've been baking all day so that's always a plus too!

3.  We've recently gotten back into watching 'New Girl' on Netflix. We've watched so many episodes I can't even begin! Its so funny and makes for a good post-work laugh.

4. I had my heart set on this hat from the Nordstrom Sale and I was all set to purchase it. It didn't end up being included in the sale and I was really bummed. I have my eyes on this one now and I might save up to buy it in the future. I am really into the look of the ultra wide-brimmed ones!

5. My favorite color to wear lately has been olive green. I find myself gravitating towards everything that comes in that color! Its a neutral but still a color which is why I love it. 

6. The obsession with Trader Joe's is reeeeal y'all. I went there last weekend and it made me so happy. We live closer to one now (like 30 min still far haha but better than the two hours before). I love trying new and fun things. I have a post coming next week about some of the things I recently picked up. 

7. I have been trying to post on Insta stories more now and its been fun! I just like to share more about what I'm doing each day -- that has been my goal!

8. My little brother is building us a gorgeous farmhouse table as a wedding gift and I can't wait to share with y'all how it turns out. Its the most beautiful thing ever -- he is so talented at building things! 

9. The dress I am wearing in the photos above is the best. I have had it for months and its perfect for summer, fall, winter, spring and can be dressed up or down. Under $60 and comes in a ton of colors!

10. I've been using my hair extensions more and more lately and they are really great! I love using a few pieces to add thickness and fullness to my hair. These extensions are the ones I use. 

11. I started following this account on Instagram and their life looks so fun. They converted an old bus into a traveling home. Nate and I always talk about how we would love to transform an old camper trailer into a pretty mini home and travel to all the national parks in the U.S. sometime...not sure how or when that would happen but it sounds fun!

12. Its weird thinking that its 'back to school' season and that this will be my first year to not go back to school! No school supplies, new clothes...etc. so weird. Loving this season of life though...and honestly not sad about not having homework! ;)

13. My bestie gal Megan came home from a summer of ministry outreach in Alabama and it has made my whole week! I missed her so much. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post -- loved thinking up random things to share and hope the update was fun to read! Thanks for checking out this post y'all!

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