Monday, April 15, 2019


Hey y'all!

I wanted to share ten of my recent favorite worship songs I've had on repeat lately. These are songs that have helped me get through hard days, and help to remind me daily that I serve a big and powerful God that can get me through anything! I share some of my favorite lines and the ones I like to use as a good reminder :) At the end of the post I have also linked to a playlist on Spotify that I created with all of these songs. I hope you enjoy!

1. Belong to You -- Here Be Lions, James Galraith
"no other voice will define me, I belong to You"
"the enemy can’t take what I have, or change who I am, I belong to you"
"the words that you have spoken are stronger than the curse"
"You called us sons and daughters, You made us walk on water, Your power flows right through us, we belong to You"

2. Glorious One -- Fee
"Glorious one, light of the world, you outshine the sun" 
"Our hands are lifted high, our hearts are bowing in reverence" 
"God of infinite worth with hands that carved out the oceans; You hold the universe but still You run to the broken"

3. Bigger Than -- For All Seasons
**side note...I could have easily copy/pasted the entire lyrics to this is probably my all time favorite song right now!!!

"You are bigger than all my fears, God of love"
"You are able to provide, You are faithful in perfect time, Your goodness overwhelms; I am held"
"Through the fire, You’re my shield; your protection, never fails" 
"Whatever will come my way, through each day, I will say, God I trust You"
"No power can separate, I am safe" 
You’re the treasure I desire, I surrender my whole life"
"For your glory, and my great reward I am yours, use me Lord" 
"You are the God who always sees us, even in bare and desperate seasons; no matter what the circumstance You are the rock on which I stand"

4. Yes I Will -- Vertical Worship
"The same God who never fails, will not fail me now"
"In the waiting, the same God who’s never late is working all things out"
"Yes I will lift You high in the lowest valley"
"Yes I will sing for joy when my heart is heavy"
"I choose to praise, to glorify the name of all names that nothing can stand against" 

5. Living Water -- Gateway Devotions, Cody Carnes
"Living water cover me fill my heart with every single beat"
"Author of life speak Your word so I can hear You" 
"All You are is all I’ll ever need; I love You"
"Father of life all I want is to be near You"
"Jesus fill this room, every heart is crying out to You; desperately we need to see You move" 
"Pour Your glory down; let the thirsty drink and live"

6. Even Then — Micah Tyler
"Even when it feels like my world is shaking, even when I’ve had all that I can take I know You never let me go"
"No matter how it ends, You’re with me even then"
"I’m reminded Your grace never asked for perfection; I’m restored because I’m Yours and I stand forgiven"

7. Even If — MercyMe
"They say sometimes you win, sometimes you lose; right now I’m losing bad"
"It’s easy to sing when there’s nothing to bring me down; but what will I say when I’m held to the flame like I am right now"
"I know You’re able and I know You can save through the fire with Your mighty hand; even if You don’t my hope is You alone"
"They say it only takes a little faith to move a mountain, but good thing a little faith is all I have"
"God when You choose to leave mountains unmovable give me the strength to sing it is well with my soul"
"I know the sorrow and the hurt would all go away if You just say the word, but even if You don’t my hope is You alone"
"You’ve been faithful You’ve been good all my days; Jesus I will cling to You, come what may"

8. Stand in Your Love — Bethel
"When darkness tries to roll over my bones, when sorrow comes to steal the joy I own; when brokenness and pain is all I know; I won’t be shaken"
"My fear doesn’t stand a chance when I stand in Your love" 
"Shame no longer has a place to hide; I am not captive to the lies"
"I’m not afraid to leave my past behind; I won’t be shaken" 
"There’s power than can break off any chain, there’s power that can empty out a grave"
"There’s resurrection power that can save; there’s power in Your name"

9. King of My Heart -- Kutless
"Let the King of my heart be the mountain where I run, the fountain I drink from"
"Let the King of my heart be the shadow where I hide, the ransom for my life"
"Let the King of my heart be the wind inside my sails, the anchor of my waves" 
"Let the King of my heart be the fire inside my veins, the echo of my days"
"You are GOOD"
"You’re never gonna let me down"

10. Lay Me Down -- Chris Tomlin
"With these hands lifted high, hear my song, hear my cry; I will breathe a sacrifice" 
"I lay me down I'm not my own, I belong to you alone"
"hand on my heart this much is true, there's no life apart from you"
"Take this life and let it shine"
"It will be my joy to say, Your will Your way"

Link to Playlist

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Do you have a favorite worship song right now? Leave it below in a comment so I can add it to my playlist :)


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