Friday, April 12, 2019


Hey y'all!

Today I wanted to share my 'hero pieces' for spring -- aka the things you'll catch me wearing and gravitating towards the whole season long.

1. First, I always love a good pair of denim shorts. Last year I had a pair from Abercrombie that I loved, but this year I found a pair really similar for a third of the price. Enter -- the most perfect boyfriend denim shorts that are distressed, the perfect wash...and only $20!!! I was sold once I found that out ;) However, I did size up one size -- they run seemingly small.

2. Next, I will be living in these rubber sandals. I had a pair last year that I wore to pieces! I still have them...I just don't have all my summer clothes from storage yet! So, I snagged another pair -- in my color of the season. They were a major fave last summer in Hawaii, travelling a lot, and spending as much time near the pool as possible! I wish I was going to Maui again, but I'm still hoping to spend some time by the pool so I'm sure I will love these again! Plus, again they are only like $10. Such a steal! I have been really cutting back on buying much lately because I have cleaned out our apartment (mostly my closet/STUFF that just accumulates) and I want everything to stay neat, organized and clutter free. But, a $10 pair of sandals is a no brainer!

3. For some reason, I realized I did not have a normal denim jacket anymore. I have a black one, several corduroy/velvet options....but not just a plain ol' denim one!! So that was something I picked up a few weeks ago on sale from Old Navy. If you haven't noticed a theme, I am big into the affordable pieces right now! A denim jacket is great because it is a thrown on and go type of thing. I'm always cold, but now that its warm out, I only need it when I'm at work in the office, in a store, restaurant, etc. so its great to have to throw on over any outfit.

4. The color mauve. I don't know why, but I am here for the color mauve y'all. I'm such a girly girl anyways, so its really no surprise that I love pink...because I always have! But I've kind of strayed from bright colors and have fallen in love with earth tones and neutrals, but mauve is my absolute favorite. Makes me feel springy while still sticking to the color palette that I love!

5. White tops. I always love the color white, but I love it even more in spring! I always have to restrain myself when I go shopping, because I always think I need every white top there ever is. I'm just drawn to them! I love how fresh and bright they are. 

6. Hats. I wear hats all the time -- but I love straw hats especially for the spring and summer. They just add a fun touch to any outfit and make it feel beachy and laid back. 

7. Overalls. I love overalls year round, but they are especially fun for spring! I love pairing open weave sweaters, simple tanks, and even swimsuits underneath them for a perfect warm-weather look. I have both long and short overalls and I know I'll be living in them!

8. Straw/wooden bags/totes. Another effortless accessory! I love straw bags, woven crossbodies, wooden details, etc. Again, they just add a fun touch and I love the added texture. 

9. Espadrille shoes. If you saw this post, you probably already know that I'm really into espadrille shoes! I shared some of my favorite spring shoes, which includes some espadrille sandals and a pair of espadrille sneakers. Check out that post for all the details!

10. T-shirt/swing dresses. I am such a dress girl and always reach for them, but come spring time, I wear dresses probably 75% of the time! I love affordable ones from Target or Old Navy that you can wear a bunch of ways. 

Shop my spring essentials below!

Thanks for stopping by -- have a great weekend y'all. 


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